Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Trespassing, suspicious activity, car wrecks, lawn jobs and reports of teens running naked through yards shooting each other

The title is an excerpt from an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer detailing the escalation of Nerf Gun battles around Blue Ash. Besides having no idea what "lawn jobs" are or what they entail (feel free to provide plausible theories), I found this article to be quite an entertaining read.

While my brother and I have yet to draw the ire of the local police department (I make no claims about our parents), we have enjoyed a recent revival of Nerf Gun battles within our own house. Below is a beautiful photo taken by yours truly, wherein I fire a dart at my unsuspecting brother. While the composition and lighting in this photo may leave something to be desired, I think the poetry captured by the dart in mid-air and my brother's unawareness, have a certain quality of their own. That and the dart ended up being dead on, hitting my brother square between the eyes.

Bullet time
Poetry in motion

It should be noted that Stephen and I disagree with the popular gaming comic Penny-Aracade on their first rule of engagement. Stephen has created a set of darts which offer greater speed and range and thus are harder hitting, not that we take this thing seriously.

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The other epp soul brother said...

remember when I shot you in the nipple.
that was good times.