Monday, January 30, 2006

Capturing the moment

I bought myself a little digital camera this weekend. One of things that is a necessary part of owning a digital cameras is to do those self group portraits. You know, the ones where you bunch together as tightly as possible, hold the camera out at arms length, point the lens in your general direction and hope for the best. Here's my first attempt.

Group picture featuring a large snow flake
Attack of the giant snowflake

Having a new camera, will hopefully mean some new pictures coming to the blog in the near future. I'm taking advantage of Winnipeg's fixed price menu event this Wednesday to go to In Ferno's Bistro. Being a self-confessed foodie, I'll try and document some of that. Also, Saturday I'm off to Tampa for a business conference, so between working on my tan and swimming in the hotel pool... I mean doing business stuff, I'll try and take a few snapshots. The flipside is that while having lots to do will leave me lots to document, it won't leave me much time to do it in (Ed: My pre-emptive excuse for not posting in the near future).

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Lindsey said...

Hey - when did you get a job that includes business trips to Tampa? I'm jealous.