Monday, January 23, 2006

Dancing with the stars

The dance studio Geoff and I attend has what could be referred to as a "wall of fame". A series of framed black white pictures line the wall by the entrance with snapshots of famous celebrities who have come to the studio and dancers from the studio competing in competitions. On this wall, there just so happened to be a few frames which had yet to receive pictures. This presented somewhat of an opportunity. Now, if Geoff and I were brutaly honest with ourselves we would have had to reluctantly admit that we are currently neither celebrities nor competition level dancers and therefore our chances of appearing on this wall (through what one might call the "traditional means"), would be somewhat slim. Geoff and I, however, are endearing optimists. Something as simple as facts and proper procedure do not keep us down.

A little help from Google Image Search and a program called Photoshop and we had two excellant candidate photos for the wall:

Disclaimer: My heart felt apologies to the original owners of both photos

Faked picture of Geoff
Geoff's picture

Faked picture of me
My picture

And because we are such trusting people, our Saturday dance class was allowed to lock up on Saturday, providing us with an opportunity to stake our claim to fame. For those of you who frequent our studio, you can now find our photo beside some guy named Richard Gere, who appeared in some movie they filmed at the studio.

As a bit of an aside, related to movies being quite frequently filmed here in Winnipeg. The same night we put up the photos, we exited the studio to find ourselves in the middle of an actual movie set. The door we use for the studio exits into a backlane, so the movie crew probably wasn't expecting anybody to come out. Also you can't really see what's unfolding outside the door until you've actually opened it, so stepping out into a fully lit set with cameras and everything was a bit surreal. They hadn't started filming yet, so we didn't end up as Cut#000016: Random confused people appear on scene from doorway.

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