Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Years 2006

This New Years I celebrated in the good company of some great people, the group of people I take dance class with on Saturday.

Saturday group
The "Saturday" group

Naturally, the party was held at the dance studio, which combined a classically elegant building with our group's love of dancing. Table 7 was ours for the evening, which we shared with a young couple who took class on Mondays.

Table 7
Table 7

Dancing was of course central to the evening and on the odd occasion where one of us wasn't dancing with someone, we managed to get some pictures of others dancing.

The dance floor
Geoff and Nicole dancing
Geoff and Nicole Cha Cha with style
Myself and Nicole
Attempting some Merengue improvisation

Highlights of the evening include the Champagne...

Opening the Champagne
Getting the bottle ready for the count down

...and the beautiful ladies who attended.

The ladies
Nicole, Jen and Galina

As well as a brief interlude before the new year, in which I was paraded around the room as Old Man 2005, and promptly kicked out into a snow bank.

Old Man 2005
Ted and Margaret lead Old Man 2005

Something, I quite distinctly remember being omitted from the job description, as it was explained to me beforehand. Never fear though, for in a feat worthy of Clark Kent's transformation to Superman, once out in the cold, I tore off the old garments of 2005 (just so you don't get any ideas, I had a suit on underneath) to emerge a younger and spryer man ready to count in the New Year.

The clock ticked 12 and the group erupted in cheers and toasts.

Then in all the gaiety of the newly brought in New Year, we formed a conga line and danced. An event in which I learnt the importance of wearing a belt with your suit. This lesson became clear, when the line accelerated in front of me and the elderly lady behind me, who was holding my "waist" (read pants), couldn't quite keep up.

However, my description of the evening wouldn't be complete without mentioning that it was also the dazzling Marlene's birthday.

Happy Birthday Marlene!
Happy New Year everyone!

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peachy said...

You look like you had a great new year, i spent mine dressed as a pirate in a pub.