Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Short dives on a long weekend

A warning, but to whom?

This weekend I had my first opportunity to do some open water scuba diving. The location was a very cold West Hawk Lake on a very windy and cold Saturday and a calmer and slightly cold Sunday. The weekend featured every variation possible of jokes involving changes to ones anatomy when entering freezing cold water, primarily from the instructors who had dry suits (much warmer then the wet suits we were wearing), and not quite as often but still quite frequently, jokes featuring the untimely demise of dive buddies.

At the surface

I can't really comment too much on what it was like underwater. It's quite other worldly and exhilarating, but I think I was concentrating too much on not freezing to death to really bring my thoughts to focus. After our first dives we headed out to Kyla's parent's cabin at Falcon Lake and quickly warmed up by putting ourselves to use helping them out as they got the cabin ready for the summer. In exchange we got a warm tent trailer to sleep in for our troubles. A worth while exchange. Thanks again for the company, warm place to sleep and great meal!

You can view some pictures of the weekend here

I've also provided a cautionary photo essay detailing what can happen when you lend Geoff your camera to take pictures.

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Lindsey said...

You should talk to my father - he's now an improbable scuba nut. Oh, and if you're ever in Cuba, they have the second most impressive (or second most something or other) coral reef in the world. Or so I'm told.

Jonathan said...

Ah, good, like I needed another reason to go to Cuba. I've been wanting to go for sometime, then your amazing pictures from your trip came along presenting an even more compelling arguement. Now you tell me this. If it wasn't official already it is now a must.

By the way, some good travel writing that has me dreaming can be found at Idle Words. He's got some good essays on the site you might enjoy, the "Dating without Kundera" is a fun one, especially the advice regarding Nabokov.

Lindsey said...

thanks - I'll take a look.