Monday, May 29, 2006

Food and Dance

Last Saturday a few of us celebrated the potential adventure Geoff, Pedro and I plan embark on this summer. For me, it was also celebration of friends. Good people willing to use the simple pretext of our adventure as a launching board to go out and have fun. People I will miss during the few weeks of my travels. Thank you to all who came and made it a grand evening.

Our evening started out at Fude, a lovely restaurant tucked into the village. Fude is fun, as evidenced by the smiles around the table as people read the menus, the even greater smiles as the food arrived and finally slightly smaller smiles (limited by the fact that we were busily eating).


A Table Full of Friends

Glamorous Guests

Buffalo Rib Ecstasy

Fun Fude

Engaging Conversation

Good Company

It should be noted that Pedro, Geoff and I were not the only future travellers enjoying dinner. Both Florence, going to Italy, and Theresa, going to Albuquerque, are planning to travel in the next few weeks and broadened our reasons (in case we need more) to celebrate.

From dinner we went to the Empire to meet up with some more friends for some hot salsa dancing. By hot I mean, that if our plan was to prepare for a Cuban club where the air conditioner had mistakenly been replaced by a heater, I think we would have been well on our way (as evidenced by the formerly transparent windows dripping with condensation). As a confessed dance addict, I had a marvelous time.

Salsa Dancing
Beating the heat
The McGrath Effect
Those that endured

Once again, thanks to those that made this evening so enjoyable. I've included a collection of photos from the evening here.

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