Monday, May 01, 2006

International Incidents

Last Saturday was the occasion for two internationally themed events. A "Dance Around The World" party at the studio and a farewell party for Karl (going to work in Europe)and Cathy (off to camp for the summer).

As per usual the party at the studio was grand, with some interesting showcases from a group of Irish dancers, traditional Indian dancers and one Hungarian dancer (superbly represented by our Saturday group's very own Peter Schilling). The rest of the evening was left for us to capture the floor to musical sounds from around the world.

Waltzing Around The World

Of note from that evening is the fact that Geoff and I now know how to properly treat a "European Lady". We were corrected by our beloved instructor, Margaret (ever the perfectionist), and shown the proper technique. Below, you can see us demonstrate our skills.

Two Gentlemen (*cough*) and a Lady

(Additional Dance Party Pics)

After having so much fun it was hard to pull ourselves away, but Karl is good man, so Geoff and I accepted our humble duty and took off to the pub to offer our support at his farewell.

Cathy and Karl

You can see Karl's recollection of the evening at his blog. My fans may want to add his blog to their RSS feeds*, as he'll be blogging as well when we meet up in Europe this summer.

*If you're using Firefox, Sage is a great extension to make this easy

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