Monday, April 03, 2006

Bomb Squad Collects Power-Ups

Police in Ravenna Ohio were called in on Friday (March 31) to investigate packages looking suspiciously like power-up cubes found in Mario games. I don't know how big Ravenna Ohio is or how much of a terrorist target it could be, but nobody seems to be fooling around over there. The girls may face criminal charges. The website that inspired them has this to say:

To clarify some of the points in the article: this is not a sinister 'game', it is supposed to be a comment on public spaces being routinely used for advertising (billboards, etc) but not for art (these boxes). Also, despite what Ravenna Police Chief Randall McCoy says, the purpose of these boxes is not "just to see what kind of response you get". It is to bring a smile to people's faces, to get them to connect with their neighbours, to bring colour into an otherwise grey urban landscape. Posterchild and myself are both deeply sorry that things are not working out in Ravenna. - poster child mario question blocks!

It's a sad day when paranoia replaces what could have otherwise made someone smile.

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