Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Home Away

This post is mainly for Olga (my "big sister" in Germany). My brother and I were part of a Christmas drama entitled, "Home Away", this past year. It was set in a homeless shelter and centered around the lives of those living inside. I played young man resigned to being a lifer at the shelter, who offset the fact by never taking anything too seriously. Stephen played a young hoodlum.

A typical afternoon

In this first picture I attempt to convince Ted (left) and George (right) that "It's A Wonderful Life" is the greatest Christmas movie ever by pretending to be an angel and talking in a high pitched voice. Ted was the main character for the drama and George was the character I worked off of the most. We had a scripted love-hate relationship, which was really fun to do and provided a lot of the humour.

Stephen and my confrontation

Here I challenge Stephen using contradictory logic. "I'm not half as tough as I think you are." Stephen, not fully grasping what I said and not wanting to admit it, attempts to maintain his tough guy bravado through the encounter.

The defiant exit

Stephen and I had watched Scarface shortly before our rehearsals began and just for fun he used Pacino as a template for his swagger and gangster drawl in the role. It worked great and everybody loved it.

The Monopoly Scene

At the beginning of the Monopoly scene, I had a great little monologue as I set up the board. In this picture Carmen (far right) has just landed on B&O Railroad. George rejoices that he has B and O, leaving himself open to an obvious joke.

I've also put together a short collection of screen captures I took off of the DVD.


The other Epp soul Brother (stephen) said...

You better watch your back brother.
I wipe the floor with you,
I stick a sword in you,
just to keep the crowd from ignoring you

Jonathan said...

I wouldn't sweat it
It's all over your head
Like them hats with them bandanas

The crowned dd3 up side down (stephen Epp) said...

you can act the act but if you lack the knack
Then you won't be back again and that's a fact
And yes we react with the style in tact
And after that there's nothing but the aftermath
You can think whatever you wanna think et cetera
It's nothing words from a no good competitor
How can you compare a champ to a contender
How can you put up the hunted against the predator

Anonymous said...

Jon you got schooled