Monday, April 10, 2006

In a State of War

Here's an inflammatory quote for the day*:

Clawson said that he would prefer to rely on sabotage and other clandestine activities, such as "industrial accidents." But, he said, it would be prudent to prepare for a wider war, "given the way the Iranians are acting. This is not like planning to invade Quebec."

The New Yorker: The Iran Plans

The subject is America's plans for dealing with Iran. The New Yorker, as usual, provides a well reasoned and well researched article. The BBC also has some information on the author of the article.

As pointed out in the article, a tactical win through brute force, is not necessarily a psychological win while dealing with Fourth Generation style warfare. It is interesting that with the evolution of sub-state warfare, pacifism becomes not an alternative but often the only viable approach.

*To be clear, the quote is a merely a hook

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