Thursday, February 16, 2006


Nearly 1,000 people drawn by Internet postings and word-of-mouth converged near San Francisco's Ferry Building on Tuesday night for a half-hour outdoor pillow fight.

SAN FRANCISCO / Pillow fight erupts amid shrieks, giggles / Big crowd lured by Internet postings, word of mouth

Social organization always interests me. It's fascinating to watch the way the world is reshaping outside of traditional state boundaries. Or more precisely using the existing structure for its own ends. For example, the way terrorism works and currently flourishes or, in a less negative example, the way Banksy communicates.

Hot linked image from the Guardian
Banksy graffiti


Theresa said...

that is indeed really cool. thanks for the link!

The crowned dd3 up side down (Stephen Epp) said...

That Graffiti is awsome. I wish i was that talented.

How come Winnipeg doesn't have pillow fights?