Thursday, February 23, 2006

Oh Google, what can't you do?

Google just launched Page Creator today, which means 100MB of hassle free file hosting. This combined with their aquistion of KeyHole and subsequent free release as Google Earth, gives me the opportunity to easily do something I've been wanting to do for a while. Put up Google Earth references into my blog (also a free Google product), when posting about my travels.

To get an idea of where all this is going and if you have Google Earth (and if you're running Windows or Mac, I don't know why you'd hold back), this link will hopefully make all that clear.

Pretty much everything I do on the computer, whether that's web browsing, editing office documents, listening to music, posting pictures or even running my operating system, can now be done for free. At one time free alternatives were somewhat shoddy, but today I see no dissentives to doing everything using free products and services. In fact in many cases the free alternative is better than the one you would pay for. As a thank-you, I hope to play advocate in the near future and post a run through of some of the excellant products and services that are out there to be had for free.

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