Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mardi Gras Social

This past summer Geoff and I had talked about getting a group of us to go down to New Orleans for New Years. Sometimes good ideas are just talk, so during a camping trip for a friend's birthday I had convinced myself that as soon as I got back in the city, I was going to figure out the logistics of the trip. As luck would have it, listening to the radio during the car ride back, the hosts began to banter about how New Orleans may never exist as we once knew it. In the course of my short disconnection from the world we almost lost one of the world's most famous cities. It was a surreal experience.

Although things turned out bad, they didn't turn out as bad as they could have and New Orleans is now fighting its way back. Which is all really a long winded ancedote for saying that, although I didn't get to experience New Orleans this New Years, I did get a little taste this past weekend.

Last Saturday our dance studio threw an amazing party. Replete with everything a good party should have, great music, atmosphere, food and most of all people. You can catch a glimpse of that through Theresa's photo album or my photo set.

Posing at our table
The Mardi Gras group

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