Thursday, October 05, 2006

A New Place

One of the reasons for my general busyness as of late, has been adjusting to the bachelor life. For those of you who haven't met my new roommates, I'll introduce you.

They are:

Ed Jowling



I couldn't have asked for two better roommates and for the few moments that we are in our place together during the day, we are usually distracted from doing anything useful by joking around and having an all out good time. As evidenced by last night's impromptu techno mix down session (think Strongbad's "The System Is Down" times ten).

To inaugurate our place, we had a little house warming party. We were truly honoured to have as many of our good friends as we did come out. Thanks to all of you, it made for a good night. Adrian, Ed and I have officially stopped accepting any more friendships until we can find a bigger place or build an extension to our balcony.

Our Spacious Abode
Our Spacious Abode

A Packed Landing
A Packed Landing

I left my camera lying around at the party so that others could document the events and I put the results in a photoset.

I had the opportunity to thank most of you in person for the wonderful house warming gifts you gave, but there is one thank you I have yet to offer. The Monday morning after the party, I was astonished to find something pink and furry in my suit jacket pocket. Along with this unexpected pet, came adoption papers for a little dog named Fifi. At first I was a little worried she would be high maintenance (judging by the pink boa), but that concern soon became unfounded as I came to realize what a wonderful pet she was. So a big thank you to the anonymous previous owners.

Fifi and myself
Fifi and myself


Catherine said...

Hey Jon,
Thanks again for haing such a wonderful house-warming party. It was great fun to see everyone, and I enjoyed getting to know a whole bunch of people that I hadn't met before. I think that your new place is very quaint and you've made it feel like a real home.
Thanks again, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Jonathan said...

Quaint? The place is barely two years old. Karl is going to have trouble keeping pace with your appetite for the latest trends, isn't he?

Glad you had a great time.