Thursday, October 05, 2006

Befitting A Princesss

Being the pampered pet that she is (not suprising given her heritage), I've always suspected that Fifi lived a fairly posh previous life. Today those predictions seemed to be confirmed, when, upon arriving home, I discovered a pillow complete with tassles and pink sequens spelling out "Fifi" stuffed into our mailbox. Below is a picture of Fifi's honourary spot in her basket atop the fridge, now with her brand new pillow.

Fifi's New Pillow
Fifi's New Pillow

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Fifi's Former Owner said...

Does my little princess miss her mummy? I hope that Fifi is getting the pampering that she deserves. Her favourite food is caviar, served in a china saucer if at all possible. I hope you don't find me to be interfering, I know that you've adopted her, but Fifi will always be mummy's little angel.