Friday, September 15, 2006

The seeds of an idea

There is a current art project going on in New York, which is described as follows:

Design Times Square: The Urban Forest Project brings 185 banners created by the world’s most celebrated designers, artists, photographers and illustrators to New York’s Times Square. Each banner uses the form of the tree, or a metaphor for the tree, to make a powerful visual statement. Together they create a forest of thought-provoking images at one of the world’s busiest, most energetic, and emphatically urban intersections.

Urban Forest Project - Project

Tree Illustration

Some designs resonate more strongly with me than others (both for design and message). What's interesting though, is that because this is a focused project, it's easier to see how the mind of a designer works. Some clearly have brilliant ideas and then use their artistic ability to convey that idea. Others, on the other hand, seem to have brilliant artistic ability and then simply manipulate the idea to highlight their own prowess. And yet others make me feel that those years of being incredibly lazy and too clever for my own good throughout elementary and high school, might have had career potential.

Note: The illustration shown contains the national bird of every country currently at war or in an ongoing conflict. Also, the colours of the birds are made up by their national flags. I'd be curious as to how many you can identify. I'll take the obvious eagle as America off the list. I'm assuming Great Britian is top right and Italy is top left, but I don't know.

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