Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sunset Flight

Last night I had the opportunity to take a sunset flight up to the Lake Winnipeg area to check out some tornado damage by Gull Lake and in general enjoy a spectacular view.

Sunset in St. Andrews
Oscar on the runway

Pre-flight Adjustment
Pre-flight adjustment

Flying By Lake Winnipeg
Sunset on Lake Winnipeg

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, although they too can't quite capture the moment. Particularly the g-force tricks Dave pulled, but also the beauty of flying at night and having the black void defined by pin pricks of light. Of notable mention was also the landing in Selkirk, who's runway is made up of one gravel strip surround by trees (except for the side by the river which includes a convenient set of power lines). It felt like a bush plane landing scene straight out of a movie, I'm surprised tribes people didn't come out of the trees upon our landing to greet us.

A big thanks to Dave, a recent member of the studio crew, for hooking us up.

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