Thursday, August 03, 2006

High Flying Gamblers

I've been reading a neat little webcomic for a while now, called Teaching Baby Paranoia, that mixes clean illustration style with an obscure* historical fact every week.

Raising the stakes

The picture above is from this week's comic, featuring gambling, bank robbers, archaeology, blimps and a dose of irony (click the image to view the comic).

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* It turns out the facts are a bit more "obscure" than I initial thought. The latest strip, which is an obvious political commentary, triggered a warning bell. A little googling supported this premonition. So the sentence may read more accuratly as a made up historical fact than an obscure one.


bryant paul johnson said...

You mean the name "Marscapone Chap" didn't ring true? Damn...

Sometimes they're fiction, and sometimes they're not. I find the blurring of the line between the two to be the most entertaining part of making the comic!

Jonathan said...

Well, if the strip had included his wife, Amaretto Chap, running off with their daughter, Tiramisu, so that she might get a proper education, I probably would have figured things out faster.

I guess for outlandish non-fictional events I'll just have to stick to the news. Regardless, keep up the amazing work.