Thursday, July 06, 2006

In Between Places

I`m sitting in an Internet cafe in Rijeka right now, waiting for a night train to Germany. The Croatian leg of the trip is behind us and the final party in Berlin is before us. At the same time the end of the trip looms before me, a short four days away. So while the promise of weekend full of good times lies ahead of me, already the realities of home that I will need to return to are filling my mind.

From this perspective, I can look back on the trip and how fast the time has flown and say that it was truly great. Since I`m feeling slightly retrospective, I`ll talk more about the life of a backpacker rather than a specific place.

We all take our vacation very seriously, so sleeping in is an important part of our routine. By happy coincedance this also works well with partying late at night. Another important part of our day, beyond relaxing and recreation, is eating. I am happy to say that all members of our travelling crew enjoy eating, so this is often a highlight of the day. Casual conversation over meals prepared fresh with an unparalleled backdrop. Europeans, to make a generalization, tend to appreciate their ingredients. For a foodie at heart, this brings joy to even the simplest dishes.

Of all these things, possibly the most unique aspect that I identify with the travelling life is the expectation of the unknown. Each day we go places we have never gone, eat things we have never had before, meet people for the first time and make decisions with truly unknown outcomes. For me this defines travelling and is the feeling which I will miss the most.


Theresa said...

but also cherish the most! this is a good feeling, because it will make sure you do your utmost to soon be travelling again!
So, how about Cuba in January/February or so? :)

Florence said...

Well put, my friend. Hope you have a good time in Berlin. The atmosphere must be absolutely buzzing with energy right now. (Forza Italia!)
Have a safe trip home.

Jonathan said...

Please people, stop bringing up Cuba, when I've just expended a lot of vacation time. It's going to be hard enough sitting back behind a desk as it is.

Other than that, thanks for all the well wishes. I'll be back sooner than I realize.

Janelle said...

Hey crew,
I can't begin to explain the withdrawl I am going through right now, reading through your blog and seeing pictures of what was my home only a few months ago. Enjoy it! Hope to hear some great stories when you're home.

Lindsey said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the travelogue - hope you're settling back in without too much withdrawal.