Saturday, July 01, 2006


We are in Croatia at the moment, and are having a blast on the beach, getting tanned, burnt(again), and general enjoying the beach life! Before we left for the beach bum life though, we had some more good times in Germany that need to be highlighted. Monday was both a tragic day for Australia, who were ousted from the world cup, and a celebratory day for Wolfgangs daughter, Laura, who passed a final exam! Salute Laura! We all went out to celebrate that night at a very cool out door beer garden, located in the english gardens.
The Gardens are very beautiful, and we stayed late into the night, drinking beer, and eating giant pretzels. The next day in Munich marked the end of our Bavarian experience for this trip. To end the ocasion, we all went to a local Beer garden which was home to one of the excellent beers from throughout the region. We were not dissapointed. That evening saw us boarding a night train to Croatia, to begin the next leg of our trip. But more later on that.

Ciao for now!

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Wolfgang said...

Far out, guys! We had a good time. Hope you are enjoying the Croatian beer. I wish you a grand time.