Thursday, June 22, 2006

Quick note

Hi all, we are in Stuttgart at the moment, and are just getting ready for our world cup game! We´ve had a blast over the last week at Albufeira, but that´s for Jon to relate. We are staying in a youth hostle at the moment, and it´s pretty awesome. There are lots of young people staying at the hostle, and the atmosphere is really exciting, since there is an even mix of Aussies and Croatians staying there, and the game tonight is between Aus. and Croatia. So far everything has been amiable between the two sides, but you can sense the competition in the air. Jon is gone for the day to visit Olga, a friend in another town in Germany, the rest of us are relaxing and getting ready for the game tonight. The city here is in full world cup swing, they have made over one of the main squares in the town and turned it into a giant viewing area, with three huge outdoor screens and lots of sitting area. The party really got going last night, when after the evening game, about 2000 ausie fans, and 2000 croatian fans faced off, and had a singing/cheering contest. We are off, ciao for now!


Margaret said...

Guten Tag Geoff and Jon,

What a game! Wow!!!
I looked for you but they did not show the audience much.
Which team were you cheering for?
Hope there will be no fights tonite where you stay....Croatians are soooo pissed least those in Wpg.
All is good here....practising dancing lots, busy with the July 1st Dinner and Dance. Too bad you Guys wont be here for that...oh are having great time in Europe!.
I think we will miss each other somewhere in the sky between the clouds:) I fly on July 4th.


Geoff said...

Your not kidding about those Croatians, they were not in a happy mood here either! Fortunatly we missed any violence after the game, and had a pretty great night on the town!
We were really trying to get on TV, but as you saw, we never made it. We were having such a good time, and being so roudy that some fans were taking pictures of us! Pedro was the worst, or best, and definatly should have made it onto the big screen! Have a great trip to Poland, but not too good, you still have to come back!