Sunday, June 25, 2006

More of Germany

Never let it be said that the Germans don't like to eat! We have been here in Munich (or more properly, Müchen) for three days now, and I am still full from the supper our first day here! We arrived in the afternoon on Friday, and met Karl's local connection, Wolfgang. They are related, but I have not figured out how yet. We dropped our stuff off at Wolfgang's place, and took off to see the city, which is full of tons of old beautiful buildings, made in the gothic style, sometime before I was born. In the evening the street lighting iluminates them brilliantly, but unfortunatly, I had not my camera with me, so you'll have to take my word for it. The city is bustling with activity, especially since there was a world cup game here last night. Taking a metro yesterday, was an event by itself. The trains were so full, that we were jamed to within inches of the doors, with no room to even raise our arms. Our train also had a couple of semi drunk German guys who were very much into world cup football, and Germany, and were trying very hard to spread the excitement. Karl and Jon had gotten into the spirit of things and were ready for action when game time came around.

The city had set up several giant screens for people to watch the game on, this picture is in the old olympic stadium, where one of them was set up. The place was only maybe a quarter full, but it was easily louder than any hockey game I've ever been too! After the game, we went to a local arts festival near by, which just happend to have live bands playing in tented beer gardens. So we got to listien to some local talent, while drinking one litre beers! We found some interesting statues there too, which of course we took pictures of.
Wolfgang's daughter came out later that evening as well, and joined in the festivities. Unfortunatly, she had to leave early, having to study for a exams, but we are looking forward to going out on monday night with her and partying it up before heading to Croatia. This morning we went and visited another of Karls relations, who gave us a true Bavarian brunch. The prime ingredients were, white sausage, pretzels, cheese, beer, snaps, and desserts, with real whiped cream. Needless to say, we came away very stuffed!

The empties, halfway through brunch...

Our wonderful host's on the left, Erich and Borka, Karl, Thomas, Wolfgang, Suzie, Jon, and me in front.

By for now!

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