Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Fresh Start

I created this blog a while ago with the intention of transcribing the random bits I find while traversing the web. Good intentions aside, I made about five posts in total before abandoning the idea. However, this morning as I was looking through old posts I made in a now extinct blog about my travels in Europe, I found that I quite enjoyed reading through them. From that sprang the idea to repurpose this blog to resurect those old travel posts. I'll still probably post random pieces here, but the main idea is now to document some of my travels.

A big set back in doing this earlier was the ability to include photos convientantly in my posts. With the advent of flickr (lowercase company names are all the rage I hear) that is no longer an issue.

Sunset in Paris
The sun sets in Paris

So there you have it, a picture with a post. This post is primarily to test how the stylesheet works with formatting a sample post. So now that I've got text and an image, I'm all set to start.

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Lindsey said...

Yay for flickr! And glad to see you blogging (isn't that an obnoxious verb?)